Netcracker stops hiring and sales in Russia

The American business services provider Netcracker, which employs more than a thousand people in a large R&D center in Ukraine, has finally expressed its official position on Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The company has condemned the war and announced its withdrawal from the Russian market, the company’s official LinkedIn states.

“Netcracker condemns Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine and stands with all people fighting for peace. We are heartbroken for Ukraine and we remain acutely focused on the safety and security of our employees in the region.

We believe we have a moral obligation to avoid operating in countries that have forsaken peace. We are directing operations away from Russia and have suspended sales and investment in the country,”

the statement reads.
Image: Netcracker LinkedIn

Furthermore, according to AIN.Capital, Netcracker will close training centers in Russia and stop hiring people. Working with training centers is an essential part of the hiring process for the company, as future employees were trained from scratch and then hired. Now, there will be no such centers in Russia.

The statement followed the condemnation of the company’s inaction by its employees and public coverage of the company’s silence.