SID Venture Partners invests in Orderly Protocol

The Ukrainian venture investment firm SID Venture Partners has invested in the Orderly Protocol project, based on the NEAR blockchain platform previously backed by the company.

  • Orderly Protocol is a permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol and modular ecosystem built on NEAR, providing competitive solutions in terms of trading speed, market-leading order execution, and minimal fees than any current decentralized solution.
  • NEAR Protocol is a blockchain platform that allows developers and entrepreneurs to create decentralized applications. SID invested in the company in March of this year.
  • SID Venture Partners launched in December 2021. Its target fund size is $15 million. It focuses on technology startups at the early stages of financing (pre-seed, seed, Series A).
  • The first startups invested by SID Venture Partners were V-Art,, and Finmap.