Ukrainian IT company JMIND creates an app that helps people receive or provide assistance during the war

The Ukrainian company JMIND, part of the TECHIIA holding, together with a team of international volunteers, has developed a free app Blend Social, which operates worldwide. It will help provide people from all over the world with food, clothing, transport, shelter, and other assistance. The app already has more than one thousand registered users.

Image: AIN.UA

How does Blend Social work?

  1. Create your profile and indicate whether you provide assistance or require it. Choose help options from the list provided.
  2. Create a post with a more detailed description of what help you provide or require.
  3. Browse the feed with all available posts and find the right people with filters and search.
  4. Go to private messages in the app for further messaging and coordination.

Blend Social is a non-profit product and is already available on iOS and Android.