Nudes for donations: Girls raise $170k for Ukrainian defenders

Nastya from Ukraine, together with Nastya from Belarus (they asked not to reveal their last names), have decided to help Ukrainians win in the horrible war unleashed by Russia. So, they promised nudes to everyone who would donate to the Ukrainian army or humanitarian needs. Suddenly the initiative succeeded, so girls started a project called Teronlyfans. They told their story to NVAIN.Capital shares the highlights of the interview.

UPD: Teronlyfans has already raised over $710,000 to support Ukraine in the unprovoked full-scale war unleashed by Russia. 

What is Teronlyfans and how was it created

The Teronlyfans term is a mix of two terms – the second is OnlyFans, a platform for creators that is especially popular thanks to erotic content. And the first part stands for TerDefence (the full term is ‘Territorial defense’ – formations of armed volunteers who defend Ukraine together with the regular army). This naming means that the girls are helping to defend Ukraine with the tools usually used on OnlyFans – that are nudes.

When the Russians attacked Ukraine on February 24, Nastya was in Zagreb on vacation. All her life left in Kyiv – her apartment, pets, job, and friends. So she wanted to help. She started sharing information from volunteers through her Twitter account, which gained popularity thanks to her interest in video games. She posted about help needed, how to flee or where to donate.

Soon Nastya was asked to help find a car in Kharkiv, which was heavily bombed and shelled by Russian occupants, to evacuate civilians. The girl posted this Information and got a lot of likes and shares – but still no car. Then she promised to send nudes to those who would find the car. And that appeared to be far more efficient: the car was found – the promised nudes were sent.

The next morning, Nastya has got dozens of messages from people offering money for nude pics of her. And her answer was the same: you donate to Ukraine – I send you the photos. That is how the idea arose. That same evening the logo of the project was ready – the Teronlyfans was born.

Yesterday @RG_Simple and I rofled and sent nudes as a joke in exchange for donations for the Ukrainian army and volunteers. We collected more than 200,000 UAH. Today, it is March 8. The best present for two female refugees from Ukraine would be the change of your receipts of the donations for those nudes. Teronlyfans wishes you good night, donate to the army.

The results

Within the first days, girls raised almost $7,000.

“We realized this would work. A lot of girls like to post nudes on Twitter every Thursday. So we just focused it in the right direction. And girls started coming to us asking to join in,” Nastya told to NV.

According to Nastya, people usually donate around $150. The most common donation amount is $30-50, but sometimes girls get up to $3,000 at once. Such generous backers get free access to OnlyFans accounts of volunteer models.

But there are scammers, too. Some users send the same receipts to several girls at once. “For such people, we have a separate notebook and public shame after the victory,” says Nastya.

The girls don’t take a dime from the money they collect. Everything goes to Ukrainian defenders and suffered people. Every evening, each girl in the team makes a full report for the community. They have already collected more than 5 million hryvnias (about $170,000).

How it works

If you want to donate to Ukraine and get nudes for it, you can find girls by hashtag #Теронліфанс on Twitter. Here is the step by step guide:

  • Donate some money to the Ukrainian army or humanitarian relief. You can do it with the help of any official resource (find the full list below).
  • Choose the girl in Teronlyfans organization whose photos you prefer to get, then send her a screenshot of the completed transaction via direct messages. Use hashtag #Теронліфанс to find all the participants. More than ten girls have already joined the initiative full-time (and there are guys, too). Also, about fifteen girls gave their nudes to help.
  • You will receive the photos soon. The more money you donate – the more pics or videos you get.

The Teronlyfans project intends to continue working until the victory of Ukraine in the war. After that, it will be closed.