Ukrainians launch a website showing air raid alerts in Ukraine

The developer Dmytro Krasnoukhov and Reface‘s designer Marko Ivanyk have created the platform SirensToday. It shows the frequency of air-raid alarms in Ukraine in real-time. The goal is to tell the world how much Ukrainians are suffering from the war started by Russia.

“Russia constantly attacks Ukraine cities from the air. People have to hide in the basements, sometimes for hours straight.

Air-raid sirens warn Ukrainians to stay in shelters because of the possible attack. We collect real-time data to make the scale of the suffering visible,” the description of SirensToday says.

As Dmytro Krasnoukhov told AIN.Capital, he and another author of the project, Marko, met solely to create SirensToday. There was a desire to systematize and reflect these data, says Dmytro.

The SirensToday site displays the latest air-raid alerts, how much time Ukrainians spent in shelters during the last 24 hours, and the number of people who had to hide. The data is constantly updating.

Website showing air raid alerts in Ukraine-3
Screenshots: SirensToday
Website showing air raid alerts in Ukraine-2

Also, the platform shows overall figures. Thus, at the time of writing, Ukrainians had to hide in shelters 69.6 percent of the time since the war started. Sirens have sounded in regions of Ukraine 4,048 times. And while we were writing this news, these figures have changed several times.

Website showing air raid alerts in Ukraine-1

Since the project’s goal is to show the world the constant emotional tension and fear of Ukrainians, visitors of the website can support them and donate money to the charitable organization Come Back Alive through the platform.