How to detect hidden Russian assets: RuAssets is a tool for that

The Ukrainian company YouControl, which provides access to government open data sets in a user-friendly format, has launched an international tool for checking links between legal entities and individuals with Russian and Belarusian assets.

RuAssets uncovers links of companies and people from different parts of the world to Russian and Belarusian politically exposed persons to freeze their accounts and seize assets. It can also search for ties across the CIS countries and warns about connections to individuals under sanctions, terrorists, and propagandists.

Why do you need it

RuAssets is designed to expose those responsible for the occupation of Ukraine and to warn the whole world about the threat of cooperation with businesses connected to Russia or Belarus. After all, such cooperation poses a significant danger to companies: sanctions, financial, operational, and reputational risks.

In addition, the refusal of the international community to cooperate with these countries will accelerate the downfall of the companies that finance the war against Ukraine. Effectively, the aggressors will be economically “banned” by the world.

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Features of RuAssets

  • Allows you to identify even the most hidden connections of businesses and individuals with the aggressor countries through chains of intermediaries. So, if a person has even indirect contact — through relatives, work, positions — the tool will show the connection as a possible risk factor.
  • Contains the most comprehensive list of Russian and Belarusian PEPs (politically exposed persons) from more than 100 sources.
  • Analyzes data from official registers of owners and beneficiaries of businesses in CIS countries and Europe (15+ countries).
  • Searches legal entities and individuals on over 50 international sanctions lists.
  • Informs about links to terrorists and propagandists (criminal registers, list of Russian law enforcers).
  • Data is updated daily in accordance with changes in the registers and lists.
  • Regular updates: the product is constantly being improved, new data sources are being added.
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Who can use this tool

  1. Law enforcemen
  1. Law enforcement and state authorities can use it to find Russian and Belarusian assets outside the aggressor countries and make decisions regarding their further freezing/seizure/exclusion.
  2. Compliance managers, AML, and KYC professionals can check if existing or new counterparties have links with companies and individuals from Russia and Belarus, companies under sanctions, and PEPs to decide whether to cooperate with them based on complete and reliable information.
  3. Journalists and independent investigators can use it for fact-checking, searching for accurate data, conducting investigations, and analytical research.
  4. Employers, HR specialists, and recruiters can use it for quick verification of individuals to make a decision on employment.

This service is free of charge for journalists, authorized representatives of state authorities, and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.

You may test the tool for free. To do that, you just need to submit an application on The administrators of the platform will contact you to give you test access.

How to detect hidden Russian assets RuAssets

  • After signing up and logging in on the RuAssets main page, enter the company name in the search box, and add its ID for a more accurate search.
  • To check an individual, enter their full name. You may include their taxpayer identification number to refine the search.
  • The system will show the search results that include all available information on the requested individual or company.
  • By clicking the “Find connections” button, the tool will create a report, where you will see the entities the person is connected with, through which company, how exactly, and what risks these connections may carry for you.

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