War in Ukraine / April 3

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For a day in a row, Ukraine continues to discover the atrocities of the russian army in the previously occupied territories – Gomel, Irpin, Dmitrovka. The footage from Bucha was particularly striking: hundreds of people were executed and tortured to death. According to various estimates, there are more than four hundred civilians killed by the russian military. Among the victims are little raped girls, tortured women with a burnt swastika on their backs. To hide their victims, russian military tried to burn them. 

Occupant losses:

The author of this words was in Bucha on the second day after the withdrawal of russian troops and saw everything with his own eyes.

Economic losses are catastrophic. According to journalists, there are no apartments left in the cities that have not been looted. The property of Ukrainians was taken away by cars. A local resident from Bucha said that everything of value was taken out of his apartment, including a toaster and a blender. People emphasize that it was not just about stealing expensive things, jewelry or money – they took everything, sometimes even toys.

“What I saw on my own eyes – has already been christened the Bucha Massacre”

Editorials of all world media came out with photos from liberated but looted Ukrainian cities. Leaders of the countries promise additional sanctions. So far, this is the refusal of the Baltic countries from russian gas and oil.

East direction

At the same time, russian army is concentrating its efforts in eastern Ukraine. Hot spots now – Sumy and Kharkiv. And of course Mariupol, which miraculously is still being defended by the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. In Belarus, military columns have been seen leaving the country, according to various sources – they are being transferred to eastern Ukraine for powerful attacks in those directions.

This complicates the situation in Kherson, which is controlled by russian troops. Occupants continue to steal deputies and journalists and use weapons to stop the military protests. Nikolaev everyday suffers from heavy attacks of living districts with the civilians.

Diagram of known damage for Ukrainian infrastructure, indicated in $, million:

Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kyiv region:

  • A hit on the headquarters building, which had already been damaged as a result of shelling in March, there also was a training center and a civilian college in the territory. Several people were injured, one in critical condition. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, as a result of the strike, “the Center for Warning and Control of Aviation and Air Defense of the Ukrainian Air Force was disabled.”

Dnipro region:

  • Two villages in the Kryvyi Rig region were shelled, prohibited cluster munitions were used. Damage information is needed to be confirmed
  • Missile shelling of the village.

Luhansk region:

  • Shelling of the place of distribution of humanitarian aid, 2 volunteers were killed.
  • The surgical hospital was shelled, 3 people were injured. 

Ternopil region:

  • Attack on the oil depot, the missiles were presumably shot down, but fragments caused damage, the base was “in an unusable condition”. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, as a result of the strike, “a large fuel storage facility was destroyed”, the statement was made 3 hours before the strike.

Donetsk region:

  • 27 civilian facilities were damaged as a result of the shelling: residential buildings, a school and a kindergarten, also the power supply of the gas distribution station was disrupted, vehicles were damaged. 6 more people were injured, the exact number of victims in Mariupol and Volnovakha is unknown.

Khmelnytskyi region:

  • Rocket attack, the missile was shot down. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that as a result of the strike, “a large fuel storage facility in Slavuta, Rivne region, was destroyed.”

Kharkiv region:

  • A residential sector was shelled, houses were destroyed. Another 7 people were injured.
  • An evacuation bus, which was driving for patients of the hospital in Balakliya was shelled. The bus driver was killed.
  • Shelling of the Slobidskyi district, ~10 houses and a trolleybus depot were damaged, buses and trolleybuses burned down. 34 people were injured, incl. 3 children, several people are in critical condition.
Chart with known air raid alerts by region and known damage as of April 3:

Mykolaiv region:

  • Attack on the Central District of the city in the afternoon, residential buildings were damaged. 14 people were injured, including a teenager. One of the victims died in the hospital.
  • As a result of the shelling, residential buildings, vehicles and infrastructure facilities were damaged. 20 people were injured.
  • 3 cluster missile strikes on residential areas. The central district hospital (gynecology department), a large number of residential buildings, 2 garage cooperatives were damaged, and also the shopping center was destroyed.
  • The Kostyantynivsky elevator was damaged as a result of a missile strike. According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as a result of the strike, “a large fuel storage facility was destroyed.”

Kherson region:

  • Russian troops opened fire on the residents of the city, who went to a rally against the occupation. The rally participants were also beaten and detained. There were wounded.

Odessa region:

  • An attack on an oil refinery and oil storage facilities in the port of Odessa, ~ 10 missiles in total. As a result, residential buildings, fuel tanks, gas communications were damaged, and several fires occurred in the city. One person is injured.

New laws


  • [War] Draft Law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On the Legal Status of Missing Persons”. It implies the creation of a body on issues of missing persons under special circumstances in the person of the Commissioner and the secretariat, the registration and maintenance of such persons in the Unified Register, as well as the assignment of a special status to the families of such persons with the further possibility of granting them pensions for the loss of a breadwinner.
  • [Support for the economy] Ukraine and Colombia agreed on economic and defense projects after the war


  • [Support for the economy] Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the allocation of more than 1.7 billion rubles. to eliminate the consequences of last year’s flood in Crimea.
  • [Response to the sanctions] Statement by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Peskov that the “ruble” payment scheme for gas will be extended to all exports

Diagram of known Airstrike, missile and MRL damage and known child deaths