Anonymous leaks a database of 120,000 Russian soldiers hacked by Ukrainians

Anonymous has leaked a database of 120,000 Russian soldiers who may have taken part in the invasion of Ukraine. The link is shared through the Anonymous official Twitter account.

“All soldiers participating in the invasion of Ukraine should be subjected to a war crime tribunal,” Anonymous says.

This database was leaked at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian hacker community InformNapalm reported and, in fact, leaked the database.

What is it for

According to InformNapalm, the majority of the database has been posted by Ukrainian hackers E_N_I_G_M_A, only after the community added more data from its own investigations. The database was first leaked on February 25 in three tables Excel format and contained info on over 100,000 Russian troops.

InformNapalm states that the database was relevant as of 2018, which means it may not include those who signed contracts after 2018. And on the other hand, it may contain data on those who served before the current war.

“The information should be treated with caution, but the database can be used to verify data on military units, military passport data, etc.,” the community says in the statement.

On April 1, this database was published by Ukrayinska Pravda, citing the Center for Defense Strategies of Ukraine (a non-profit public organization). The news on Ukrayinska Pravda was listed as the source of the Anonymous leak. The source has not been disclosed in the article but is characterized as “reputable.”

Screenshot: Anonymous leaked page

How to use it

The data may be needed to find each war criminal and, depending on the extent of their involvement in the war, sentence each of them. You can check out the full data here.

You can search the table with keywords. For example, put “64 омсбр” (Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade). The database gives the results for 1,648 people who have served or are serving in this brigade.

Screenshot: InformNapalm

“Some have resigned, but some of the officers are still serving. And we have addresses and passport data in order to narrow the search and find those involved in the genocide in Ukraine,”

the volunteers explain.

What is InformNapalm

InformNapalm is a hacker community founded in March 2014 during Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine in Crimea. Currently, InformNapalm has teams from 20 countries on a volunteer basis who conduct OSINT research, translate and distribute publications in foreign languages, and conduct media, diplomatic, and educational work. Since its inception, the community has published more than 1,800 studies. On February 24, 2022, InformNapalm was reformatted for military needs.

The founder of the community and the editor-in-chief of is Roman Burko, a displaced person from Crimea. Irakli Komakhidze, a former Georgian soldier, is a co-founder of the community and the author of many OSINT studies.

You can read more about the community here.