Spend to help Ukraine: a website with Ukrainian companies that sell globally

The Ukrainian design lab O0 Design has launched a website called Spend With Ukraine with a list of Ukrainian companies that sell globally. The idea of the project is to encourage the international community to support Ukrainian businesses, which produce value and support the economy, by purchasing their products and services.

“Help us fight the darkness, spend with Ukraine to stand with Ukrainians,” the website says.

“Ukraine is home to many great products. Sprouting entrepreneurship, strong engineering culture, and authentic design feel push our businesses onward to the global scene. The war Russia waged on peaceful people can’t take away from our ambition to create and drive positive change. Product teams in Ukraine keep working while being shelled, displaced, and pressured,” co-founder of O0 Design Andrey Klen wrote.

The list of companies includes businesses with Ukrainian roots from gadgets to lifestyle, fashion, and productivity. Grammarly, MacPaw, Depositphotos, Reface, Petcube, and Ajax Systems are among them.