DataArt to completely leave the Russian market

The editorial team of AIN.Capital has learned that the company DataArt will completely withdraw from the Russian market. The company’s management informed its employees about this in internal correspondence. AIN.Capital has a copy of the letter.

  • DataArt will completely leave the Russian market by June 15.
  • The company will close all offices, fulfill all contracts with clients, and stop all its operations by this date.
  • After June 15, all the financial operations of the company in the Russian Federation will be stopped — DataArt will stop paying its employees and contractors.
  • The employees will be offered to relocate — possible options are Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia. So far, 500 employees have already left the country.
  • If any deals can not be completed by June 15 due to the terms of contracts or laws, the company will do everything to completely exit the market by the end of 2022.

DataArt employs over 5,700 people, with almost 2,000 in Ukraine. About 1,700 of them were in Russian, and now there are just over a thousand. The company always condemned the war (and called it a war) but was in no hurry to withdraw its business from the Russian Federation. At the beginning of April, it became known about the change of the company’s decision and the complete suspension of its operations on the territory of the aggressor country.

Another company that has recently announced its decision to completely close its business in Russia was EPAM.