X-Ray Contact People Search Platform Adds Ability to Search Through Leaked russian Databases

X-Ray Contact is an identity verification platform that simplifies investigations by aggregating data from various sources in one place.

Now, it has also gathered databases of russian bots. The available information includes data from:

  • Express delivery chatbots for documents and cargoes of SDEK
  • “Yandex.Eda”
  • “VKontakte”
  • “OTP Bank”
  • LinkedIn database of russian users with 50,000 people, among others. 

With X-Ray Contact People Search Platform, you can easily search using an email, phone number, or social media link, unlocking access to contacts, personal information, and photos of russian citizens.

“Currently, Telegram bots are a popular tool for information gathering. However, many of them have ceased operations since the war began, and the ones still active are russian and potentially share data with the FSB. This means they can intercept and exploit all your search queries, using this data for media manipulation,” the company explained.

The company added that this feature is free as part of X-Ray Contact’s contribution to aiding the fight against russian invaders, while IP addresses from russia will not have access to the service.