Swedes for Ukraine: free accommodation for Ukrainian refugees

The Swedish-Ukrainian IT company Sigma Software, jointly with Danir Group, has launched Swedes for Ukraine, a website where Ukrainians can find free temporary accommodation in Sweden. The platform already has more than 15 offers from hosts.

Image: AIN.Capital

If you want to become a host and offer your place to a refugee family follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website Swedes for Ukraine and registered as a host.
  2. Apply for the refugee family contact information. Once you apply, an automatic email will be sent to you with the contact details.
  3. Meet the refugee family. This is an important quality check for both parties. If both parties agree, sign the Standard agreement and the refugee family will be able to stay in your Swedish room or house.

If you are a Ukrainian and wants to register as a refugee family, you can do it here.