Maye Musk speaks in Ukrainian as part of Share UA Voices initiative by Respeecher

The Ukrainian startup Respeecher has introduced the Share Ukrainian Voices initiative designed to help Hollywood stars and celebrities who support Ukraine speak out in Ukrainian with their own voices.

Abby Savage, an actress from the TV series Orange is a new black, has already participated in the project. She has spoken about Ukraine on her Instagram and Maye Musk on Twitter. They both have expressed their admiration for the courage of Ukrainians and called for donations to support the Ukrainian army. Thanks to the AI language transformation technology, they were able to do this in Ukrainian.

How Respeecher helps people speak Ukrainian

To create those videos, Respeecher analyzed audio recordings of Abbey Savage and Maye Musk’s voices, as well as their interviews. Then, using neural networks, the team made copies of the voices and superimposed them onto the dubbing texts read out by actresses in Ukrainian. The generated ML model should be trained for 3 to 5 days to make the voice and pitch sound similar to the original.

Respeecher emphasizes that the main goal of the Share UA Voices initiative is to raise more funds to help the Ukrainian army and draw attention to the Ukrainian language.

“The Respeecher artificial intelligence technology allows celebrities to address our nation in our language, even though they don’t speak it yet. We thought, ‘Why not?’ if it is yet another opportunity to raise more money for the benefit of Ukraine and remind the world once again about the realities of war,” says Alex Serdiuk, Respeecher’s CEO and co-founder.