Tweeting #ArmUkraineNow hashtag to make governments send weapons to Ukraine: how to participate

A group of Ukrainian activists has been trying to get the hashtag #ArmUkraineNow trending on Twitter. That would help persuade governments of other countries to provide Ukraine with heavy arms so that it could counter Russian aggression.

To do this, Ukrainian Twitter users are asked to write such tweets themselves, as well as encourage their friends to join the tweetstorm, especially those from the USA.

“Biden and his administration are in no hurry to provide Ukraine with all the powerful weapons that we need (heavy weapons, heavy artillery, tanks, air defense systems, etc.). That is why we ask you to voice the phrase Arm Ukraine Now through the #ArmUkraineNow hashtag to spread the idea, and the people there would understand that Ukraine must be armed,” the action group said in support of the tweetstorm idea.

A link to the statement by President Zelenskyi, in which he addresses the world leaders with the same plea, can also be added to tweets.