TRYVOHA shows how much productive time Russians steal from Ukrainians every day

An R&D team of the product company LaMetric, which is famous across the globe due to its smart clock with incredible functionality, has created the project TRYVOHA. It is a tool for real-time tracking of air-raid sirens across Ukraine during the Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. TRYVOHA charts the duration and number of air-raid sirens during different periods of time in different regions of Ukraine.

The team hopes that such statistics will help people around the world realize how much productive time the Russians have stolen from Ukrainians in the last 24 hours and during the entire war. For instance, in the Luhansk region, where fierce fighting is taking place, civilians have been listening to sirens all day and night for the past 24 hours, almost without breaks.

The full-scale war in Ukraine has been going on for 55 days. If you tap on the button ’55 days,’ you can see how much time Ukrainians have already spent in bomb shelters due to the war. Often they sit there without heat, internet, or even mobile connection, sometimes — without food, water, and medical care. According to the map, for example, residents of the Chernihiv region have already lost ten days of their lives this way.

You can help Ukraine in various ways directly from the project’s website. Just click the ‘Help Ukraine’ button in the top right corner of the page.

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