Warsaw-based proptech REDD secures $1.5M

REDD, a Warsaw-based startup, has secured $1.5 million to develop AI technology in the proptech sector, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2018 by Tomasz Ogrodzki, REDD or Real Estate Digital Data develops a platform that is a source of insight for real estate professionals.
  • The platform combines Big Data and AI tools to give analysts, investors, developers, agencies, scientists, and journalists access to a large inventory of verified data about real estate for sale and rent.
  • REDD does not disclose the names of the investors or other details of the deal.

“The new AI technology from REDD will allow commercial real estate funds and other financial entities to analyze the value of selected assets through thousands of data dimensions,”

Piotr Smagała, Managing Director REDD, comments on the project.
  • The company says that the proceeds will be invested in the further development of its AI project.