Starlink registers its subsidiary in Ukraine

Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation, said that SpaceX has already registered the Ukrainian subsidiary of Starlink Ukraine. Fedorov announced that Starlink is preparing to open an office in Ukraine in mid-April. The office is necessary for the official launch of Starlink in Ukraine.

“This technology uses certain frequencies and equipment (stations). According to the legislation of Ukraine, as well as any other country, the launch of such a project requires certification of equipment and frequencies. We must provide these frequencies to a certain legal entity, and in this case, it can only be a representative office of Space X Starlink in Ukraine,” Fedorov explained to AIN.UA.

According to Fedorov, only this representative office, as the technology owner, can submit the equipment for official certification. Because of the lack of certification, we had a situation in which civilians were forbidden to use Starlink internet terminals. Basically, they were used at critical infrastructure facilities.. As of today, the problem seems to have been solved.

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation providing satellite internet access coverage to populations with little or no connectivity. Starlink is already working in Ukraine for essential wartime infrastructure: power plants, military bases, industrial enterprises, and medical facilities.