War in Ukraine / May 6

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25,000 Russian soldiers died in 70 days of war in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has updated data on the losses of the Russian army. At the time of publication, more than 25,000 Russian soldiers had been killed. This is a phenomenal figure, especially considering that the war in Ukraine lasts only 70 days – less than three months. Due to the traditional number of wounded 1 to 3, we have about 70 thousand wounded occupants who are temporarily or completely withdrawn from battle.

Russia didn’t have such losses in any of its wars, not counting World War II. Losses in the Afghan war – about 15 thousand, the same – in two Chechen wars. The difference in duration: Afghan – 10 years, Two Chechens – in total 8 years. Unprecedented losses have hit hard on Russia’s reputation as a country with a powerful army, and their only trump card right now is nuclear weapons. Earlier we wrote that the countries that bought military weapons from the Russian Federation are starting to revise their contracts, seeing in the concluded agreements a terrible inefficiency.

Estimates of foreign services are more modest and do not reach 20,000 killed. Nevertheless, the data of Ukrainians make sense. According to intelligence, the Russian Federation has now sent to Ukraine everything it had before the war – 70-80 thousand troops, 90 battalions. We will remind, till February 24 about 190 thousand soldiers were concentrated on borders. To restore its reserves, Russia may announce a full-fledged mobilization across the country. Putin is expected to do so on May 9, although the Kremlin has officially denied these allegations.

Also Ukraine has already destroyed more than $10 billion worth of equipment: about 1,100 tanks, hundreds of helicopters and planes, as well as the $ 750 million Moscow cruiser.

Ukraine does not report its losses. The last known figure is about 3,000 heroes who gave their lives for freedom.

Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kharkiv region:

  • Russian troops shelled residential buildings, as a result, an 11-year-old boy was wounded.
  • Russian troops attacked the village, destroying one house and damaging two more.
  • As a result of the village shelling by Russian troops, two houses were destroyed and two more houses were damaged.
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Zaporizhzhya region:

  • As a result of the shelling by Russian troops, 6 warehouses of “Optimusagro Trade”, which stored ~13k tons of sunflower seeds, caught fire. The total area of ​​the fire was 7.2k m². A house and a farm building were also damaged.
  • Residential buildings were destroyed as a result of shelling by Russian troops. The evacuation of civilians, which was supposed to pass through the territory of the village, was also disrupted.
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Luhansk region:

  • Russian troops carried out 24 attacks on the settlements of the region. 36 houses were damaged: 11 in Zolote, 10 – in Popasna, 5 – in Severodonetsk, 4 – in Rubizhne. In Lysychansk at least 1 house was completely destroyed.The hospital in the old part of Severodonetsk was damaged, the shelling of the “Azot” enterprise continues.
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Odessa region:

  • Air defense shot down a cruise missile fired by Russian troops over the city. The wreckage of the rocket fell on the auxiliary building of the infrastructure object.
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Mykolaiv region:

  • Starting from ~14:50 Russian troops shelled Mykolayiv. One rocket was destroyed by barrage of anti-aircraft fire, the remaining 4 hit the previously destroyed railway bridge. The brigade of “Mykolayivoblenergo” electricians which was working in the area got under attack. The cemetery was also damaged as a result of the shelling. In the region, as a result of shelling, a private courtyard in Kotlyareve, Mykolayiv district, was damaged, and two fires broke out in ecosystems. Also, 12 people were injured during the day.
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Donetsk region:

  • As a result of the shelling by Russian troops, the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Mar’inka was damaged.
  • Russian troops stormed and fired at the Azovstal plant. During the ceasefire on the territory of the plant, an evacuation vehicle which was going to pick up civilians was fired at from an anti-tank missile system (ATGM). 6 people were injured.
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Kherson region:

  • As a result of the shelling, the windows in the houses were damaged, the remains of shells were found in the yards of households, and the electricity and water supply networks were partially damaged.
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Dnipropetrovsk region:

  • Russian troops shelled the territory of communities, including the outskirts of Velyka Kostromka and Shestirnya. Prohibited cluster munitions were used during the shelling of Shestirnya.
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New laws


  • [Other] In Ukraine, the simplified regime for the export of pets to EU countries has been canceled. It was introduced after a full-scale Russian invasion.
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  • [Other] The Government of the Russian Federation allows regional operators to increase advance payments to contractors that carry out major repairs of apartment buildings, and to adjust the prices of contracts. This will help to avoid delays in the implementation of works and ensure their quality, as well as maintain the financial stability of enterprises.
  • [Censorship] The Ministry of Justice recognized the rapper Morgenstern (Alisher Valeev) as an individual foreign agent, as well as seven more people and one organization as foreign media agents.
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