Glovo launches on-call doctor service, but so far only in Ukraine

The food delivery service Glovo has launched a new service — you can now call a doctor at home via the app.

  • So far, the service works in Kyiv and Lviv. It will be available in other Ukrainian cities soon.
  • Glovo users can also enjoy online medical consultations in all cities of Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is the first country among 25 in which Glovo operates, where the company has launched online medical consultations and call-out doctor services. Previously, the doctor’s consultation service was launched in Portugal.

How the service works

  • To order the service, you need to go from the app’s home page to the ‘Health’ tab, where you can select the ‘Medical services’ option and the desired specialist.
  • The app offers various doctors from Universum Clinic: therapists, pediatricians, surgeons, otolaryngologists, dermatologists, and cardiologists.
  • After selecting a specialist and placing an order, the user should expect a call from the doctor shortly. During the call, the doctor will confirm the necessary details of the user, in particular, agree on the address, day, and time of the visit.
  • After the visit, the user receives a medical report in the format agreed with the doctor – via convenient messenger or e-mail.
  • The service cost depends on the specialist and varies from 1,300 to 1,800 UAH ($43-60).
  • The user can choose a convenient payment method: in cash or by card.
  • In case of any troubles during the service provision, the users can contact the Universum Clinic hotline. Also, they can reach the support service in the Glovo app in case of any troubles with the app.

Also, users can order an online doctor consultation in the Glovo app. The service is available both in Ukraine and abroad. For this purpose, the user should choose any geolocation in Ukraine and place an order.