Lviv-based outsourcing company HebronSoft opens offices in Zakarpattia and Romania

HebronSoft, an outsourcing company from Lviv, has announced the opening of two new offices: in Zakarpattia and Romania. The company’s CEO, Kostiantyn Polosukhin, informed DOU about these plans.

The new Ukrainian office will open in Khust. According to Polosukhin, HebronSoft has already registered there legally and is relocating employees now. The company says that Khust is relatively close to Romania, where HebronSoft intends to move in the future.

“Khust is a city with relatively good IT infrastructure and fairly good quality of life and work. We have hired new workers who were evacuated from Kherson. We want to relocate them to Khust. We’ve already found accomodation, kindergartens for children, etc.,” comments Kostiantyn Polosukhin.

Polosukhin also noted that the company would open a new office in Romania “within the next month.” New HebronSoft’s location will be in the city of Baia Mare. There the company plans to hire local specialists and is also ready to relocate its Ukrainian team to Romania.

“We also assess this country in terms of the quality of life, compensation, taxation, and market. We have already found several locations for a new office or coworking. Now we’re going to work on one of these models,” HebronSoft’s CEO told DOU.

According to DOU, before the full-scale war, the company planned to open an office in Kamianets-Podilskyi. However, they had to suspend integration in this city.

Currently, HebronSoft has about 70 people working on the Ukrainian team. The company plans to hire another 15-20 specialists. In particular, it is looking for a Senior Fullstack (React+Node.js) Developer. The company also considers further integration into Poland.