Ajax Systems opens plant in Turkey, producing 150,000 devices per month

Ajax Systems, a Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of professional security systems, is opening its first plant abroad — in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The new 8,300 m² plant will produce the entire line of Ajax devices, duplicating the production in Ukraine.

  • Ajax Systems has already begun to build a local production team and is ready to hire at least 400 people.
  • The plant expects to produce at least 150,000 devices per month.
  • The company said it had been planning to open new production facilities abroad long before the full-scale war.

“The opening of a new plant in Istanbul is a strategic step planned by the company and aimed at diversifying production facilities. We chose Turkey based on a combination of factors: the availability of manufacturing professionals, infrastructure, the free economic zone conditions, the level of taxes, the quality of contractors, and proximity to our major markets. The new production will strengthen the Ajax product development and accelerate access to new markets,” says Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems.

Ajax Systems has fully resumed the existing manufacturing and product development in Ukraine. The company is recruiting specialists for the plant and expanding the R&D team. This production facility remains in Ukraine.

Also, the company has its logistics hub in Poland and is developing local teams in strategic markets in Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, UAE, South Africa, and other countries.

In December, the company opened an R&D office in Lviv. In a year, the new office plans to assemble a team of 20-25 professionals. Last year, Ajax Systems acquired the development team of Concepter, a Ukrainian company specializing in product design and development.