War in Ukraine / May 16

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The military was starting to evacuate from Azovstal

About 260 wounded servicemen have already been removed from Azovstal. However, not in Ukraine, but in hospitals located on the territories temporarily occupied by Russia. Neither side gives details, only pointing out that the negotiations were difficult, and the procedure itself is an exchange of prisoners. At the same time, Ukraine stated that at the moment the military mission in Mariupol has been accomplished: Ukrainian Heroes have managed to attract up to 20,000 Russian troops and stop their rapid offensive in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about Zaporizhzhya, which still remains Ukrainian.

The Russian side is again reducing the front and seems to be taking a break

Western intelligence agencies point out that, according to their observations, Russia has again abandoned its plans and is further narrowing the front. Now their main goal seems to be only the Luhansk region.

The desires of the Russian Federation decrease with each month of the war. If at first the country planned to get almost all of Ukraine to the left of the Dnipro, then by the end of March the focus shifted to the east. In two weeks the troops were overthrown and, as Zelenskiy said, the second phase of the war began – the great battle for Donbas. A month later, it became clear that the “great battle” had failed and Russia was taking an even smaller focus – Luhansk region. This change is due to the fact that Russia is failing to achieve its goals, and the army is suffering heavy losses, having no resources to compensate for it.

In view of this, experts point out, in some areas the Russian army has already stopped going on the offensive and focused on strengthening its position. In other words, it is trying to consolidate the success that has already been achieved. It is thought that this is the end of the second stage of the war and a pause in the great offensive.

The next one is likely to be Ukraine’s attempt to regain its position. But this requires the heavy armament of Western partners. This weapon unfortunately has not reached Ukraine yet. Such a pause is not in Ukraine’s favor: it will be much harder to knock out a strengthened enemy.

Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kharkiv region:

  • Zolochiv community was shelled, Karasivka and Kalynove at night, Kalynove again in the morning, and Udy at 12:30 were also shelled. Minor damage to houses, and agricultural buildings.
  • A house of culture in Derhachi, which had previously been shelled on 13 May, was on fire because of the shell. During the day, there were 11 fires in the region due to shelling. 9 people were injured.
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Sumy region:

  • Russian troops shelled the border area of ​​the Shostka region using mortars, grenade launchers and small arms. During the shelling, a Russian DRG tried to enter the territory of Ukraine, and in a clash with the Ukrainian border troops, was driven back beyond the territory of the Ukraine.
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Zaporizhzhya region:

  • Temerivka, Zaliznychne, Novodanylivka, Kamyanske, Olhivske, Yablukove, Hyrke, Charyvne, Poltavka, Huliaipilske, Bilohirya were shelled by Russian troops. Civilian infrastructure was shelled in Mala Tokmachka and Novoandriivka. An air strike was carried out on Malynivka.
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Luhansk region:

  • On Tuesday, the Russian military fired with artillery again at the city hospital in Severodonetsk. Two hospital corps were damaged. There were dead, 3 people were injured. Among the wounded there are residents of Hirske, Zolote, Borivske. A hit in the building of the Severodonetsk research and production association “Impulse” was recorded. A building materials store and 4 high-rise buildings were destroyed. 4 houses were destroyed in Rubizhne, 2 in Lysychansk. 2 air strikes were carried out on the villages of Popasna community. 3 houses were destroyed in Vrubivka, 4 in Komyshuvakha, 2 in Novozvanivka, 2 in Troitske, 3 in Toshkivka. Artillery shelling caused damage to 9 houses in Hirske and 6 in Zolote.
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Mykolaiv region:

  • The Russian army shelled the Ingulsky district of the city, which resulted in a fire on the roof of a furniture store, a Daewoo Lanos car, a pharmacy, where a shell broke through the roof. The low-pressure gas pipeline and the windows of neighboring houses were also damaged. Used (1, 2) Prohibited cluster munitions were used during shelling (1, 2). Cluster shells fell near the monument to the soldiers-liberators of Mykolayiv. One of the combat elements fell at a public transport stop and did not explode. One of the shells fell near the building of the Court of Appeal.
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Donetsk region:

  • According to Mar’inka Military Administration, starting from 4 am, Russian troops began shelling Novomykhailivka, and also made 2 air raids.
  • Russian troops shelled Druzhkivka, school No. 6, kindergarten No. 6 “Dzvinochok”, ice arena “Altair ” and residential buildings were damaged the most. The sports hall was destroyed in the school, classrooms were damaged, windows were broken. A fire broke out at the site of the attack.
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Kherson region:

  • As a result of the shelling and attempt to occupy the village by the Russian military, the Palace of Culture was damaged, the windows of the school were shattered by the blast, part of the roof of the gym and the school stadium were damaged, and two fir trees were knocked down in the courtyard of the kindergarten. An apartment building, private houses and parks were also damaged. One Ukrainian soldier was wounded.
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Chernihiv region:

  • There was shelling by Russian troops of the territory near the Mykolaivka settlement. In the morning, 20 shell explosions were recorded on the outskirts of the village. During the day, the territory of the village was shelled again, ~10 explosions were recorded. At 12:20 Russian troops shelled the border area of ​​the Gremyac village, where 7 shell explosions were recorded.
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Odesa region:

  • Russian troops launched a missile strike on the territory of the village of Zatoka, Belgorod-Dniester region using strategic aviation. As a result of the shelling, the missiles hit the object of a tourist infrastructure, the buildings of the Villa Reef recreation center were destroyed, and a fire broke out in an area of ​​70 sq.m.. At the epicenter of the explosion, fragments and a blast wave damaged ~ 6 coastal households. One private car was destroyed. 4 adults were injured, a 5-year-old girl was badly injured. According to OPCOM “Pivden”, Russian troops tried to attack the previously destroyed bridge across the Dniester estuary.
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