Ukrainians teach AI to collect information about damages to cities

The NeuroMarket team created the UADamage project, which analyzes damages to Ukrainian cities caused by the occupants and puts them on a map. They use an AI-based tool.

  • NeuroMarket is a marketplace of neural networks created by Ukrainians. The company provides ready-made AI solutions for business needs.
  • The company, jointly with its partners, created the UADamage project, a map of damages in Ukrainian cities.
  • The analysis of damages to the infrastructure of Ukrainian cities is performed with the help of an AI-based technology, which makes processing faster than with manual methods.
UADamage collects information about damages to cities-1

UADamage processes satellite photos using a neural network pipeline that analyzes the level of damage to each building by comparing images taken before the war and now. The system then classifies the damage according to the following criteria:

  • objects with no visible damage
  • objects that have sustained minor damage
  • objects with significant damage
  • destroyed objects

UADamage has already analyzed 43,803 buildings in Mariupol. A powerful server makes it possible to scan a city area of 50 square kilometers in a few minutes. Calculation accuracy is constantly increasing as the project development team trains the neural networks on new manually validated data. The project team consists of 15 people working on a volunteer basis.

“Our next steps depend directly on the availability of satellite photos because it is not easy to find them during the war. As for data verification, the plan is to involve the entire population of Ukraine in the project and give everyone a tool to check for damage to buildings and infrastructure elements. Thus, everyone can contribute to the great reconstruction of our country,” says the author of the project.