eBay stops selling the Ukrainian stamps due to high demand

On May 25, Ukrposhta launched its own store on the international platform eBay. There it was selling the second series of stamps “Russian warship…DONE!” But the sales stopped. Due to a large number of orders, the protection algorithms of the eBay platform were triggered.

  • According to Forbes, Ukrposhta sold almost 1,500 blocks of stamps “Russian warship…DONE!” on eBay in one day. The platform itself shows the same figure.
  • The price for a block of three stamps was $49.95. It included the cost of shipping and a $5 contribution to the KSE Foundation. Besides the stamps, you would receive a postcard and an Ukrposhta envelope.

Later, Igor Smelyansky, CEO of Ukrposhta, said that soon the work of the Ukrposhta store on eBay would resume. According to him, the stamps have also broken a record on eBay.

“The stamp sales on eBay will resume soon. We are working with the platform’s team, so they don’t get scared of our volumes,” he wrote.