LUN launches the apartment rental app Birb in the UK

LUN has launched its product, the iOS apartment rental app Birb, in the British market. At the same time, it has appeared on Product Hunt (you can support the Ukrainian service).

“The rental search app Birb is launching in London, in one of the most difficult and competitive markets. Birb’s team is from Ukraine, and they continue to work and support the Ukrainian economy,” the company reports.

  • According to the developers, while using many rental apps, it is quite challenging to find a location of an apartment, and maps in such apps are not always user-friendly.
  • Birb’s developers focused on this issue and built an app based on a mobile map with the addition of artificial intelligence that removes duplicate listings, adjusts images, etc.
  • According to the team, the app features ads from agencies (realtors) now. But in the future, the company plans to make it possible that the renter does not interact with intermediaries or owners at all. The app will work the following way: You watch online viewing in the app, tap Rent this flat, check-in with a digital key from the app.