Poland’s healthtech Good Sleeper raises $285K for insomnia treatment

The Warsaw-based healthtech startup Good Sleeper has raised $285,000 in pre-seed for its insomnia treatment platform Terapia Bezsenności. LT Capital fund and the pharmaceutical company Adamed invested in the round, MamStartup reports.

  • Founded in 2020 by Jan Potworowski, Good Sleeper offers the Terapia Bezsenności platform to help users deal with insomnia. It provides CBT-I (cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia) and has over 1,000 effective therapies implemented within the solution.
  • LT Capital and Adamed made the $285K pre-seed round. LT Capital is a Krakow-based early-stage fund focusing on breakthrough Industry 4.0 companies. And Adamed Group is a Polish pharmaceutical and biotech company in operation since 2010.

“With our partners LT Capital and Adamed on board, we intend to enter a higher level of development. We negotiate terms of cooperation with various types of potential partners — large private healthcare networks, or insurers,”

Good Sleeper CEO Jan Potworowski on the investment.
  • The obtained funding will help to finalize the Terapia Bezsenności application. The company also plans to release version 2.0 soon, with an English version and improved UX design.