Edtech Strive raises €100K to teach kids about cryptocurrency

The London-headquartered edtech Strive has raised €100,000 from the European fund Demium. The startup aims to teach kids about cryptocurrency, MamStartup reports.

Image: Strive
  • Strive is founded in 2020 by an international team of founders: Andrew Birt, Ivan Muck, and Magda Misiorny. Its solution consists of two products — Penny the Pig, an educational physical piggy bank for kids, to integrate with the leading cryptocurrency wallets, and an accompanying app for parents.
  • Strive’s app and hardware combo digitally display any crypto wallet balance on the piggy bank. Parents can then use the accompanying app to schedule crypto payments, such as pocket money, and monitor their child’s digital transactions.
  • Piggy bank displays any crypto wallet balance, as well as the NFTs, bought on the app. With the help of the app, parents can create and send their kids chores, goals, and rewards, teaching them from an early age how to handle money.
  • The investment from Demium is the initial in the pre-seed round. Demium is a European venture capital fund focusing on early-stage startups. So far, the fund has invested in 98 startups, six of which are in Poland and another six in Ukraine.

“We believe that Strive will turn out to be a company that will take on the mission of educating new generations, using the potential of its team and an extraordinary approach to solving problems,”

Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska from Demium Polska on the funding.
  • The fresh funds will help Strive finalize its product and prepare for the following pre-seed round.