Ukrposhta sells 100,000 ‘Russian warship… DONE!’ postal sets on eBay

Ukraine’s National Postal Operator Ukrposhta has announced the sale of 100,000 postal sets Russian warship… DONE! on its online store on eBay.

  • Every set includes one thematic stamp sheet, envelope, and postcard. Those sets are aimed at foreigners who want to buy a commemorative symbol.
  • The set costs $49.95. Shipping and the $5 charitable contribution are included in the price. The collected donations will be transferred to the Ukrposhta account at the KSE Foundation and subsequently used for humanitarian cargo logistics, purchase of humanitarian aid or rehabilitation of educational institutions (schools and kindergartens).
  • Ukrposhta became the first postal company in the world to open its online store on eBay. It went live on May 25. In addition to postal sets, you can also buy the official merchandise of Ukrposhta — branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps with the image of the legendary postal stamp.

Ukrposhta released a new series of stamps ‘Russian warship…DONE!’ with the print run of five million pieces after the extremely high demand on its previous collection ‘Russian warship go *** yourself.’

Both series are dedicated to the events on Zmiinyi Island, where Ukrainian soldiers refused to surrender to the crew of the warship Moskva on February 24, the very first day of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. On April 14, the Russian flagship ingloriously sank after a successful hit by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles Neptune.