Helsinki-based Aeromon raises €4.8M for its emission monitoring service

The Helsinki-based emission monitoring service Aeromon has raised €4.8 million in funding for scaling its operations. The funding includes a capital loan from the Finnish Climate Fund and an investment from Vopak Ventures, reports.

  • Founded in 2014, Aeromon is developing an aerial drone that detects and reports methane, volatile organic compounds, and other emissions. According to the company, its technology leads to accurate leak detection and makes it ten times quicker than average.
  • A capital loan comes from Finnish Climate Fund, a state company focusing on combating climate change and accelerating the low-carbon industry. The industrial investor Vopak Ventures backed the second €2.4 million half of the round along with the company’s current shareholders.

“We aim to visualise report leaks and support industrial companies in emission reduction. This funding enables Aeromon to be closer to a major market by opening a permanent office in Rotterdam,”

Aeromon CEO Maria Kuosa comments on the funding.
  • The fresh funding will be used to further advance the development of data analysis capabilities, as well as to increase its presence in North-Western Europe by opening an office in Rotterdam.