Diia City now has 253 residents. Is it a new age for the Ukrainian IT sector?

On February 9, a unique tax and legal space for IT businesses, known as Diia City, officially started operating in Ukraine. It has become quite popular among tech companies today. There are already 253 residents as of May 31. During this martial law period, 159 companies have joined it.

Are 253 companies a lot or a little? Well, they are about 5% of the Ukrainian market, which has over five thousand companies. Among the residents of Dia City, there are already big players such as Revolut, Panda Doc, Genesis, Ajax Systems, Reface, monobank.

To make the statistics more insightful, the staff experts of the Ukrainian legal firm Sayenko Kharenko — the counsel Oleg Klymchuk and associate Ivan Chopyk — prepared infographics about the current achievements of the Diia City special regime.

AIN.Capital shares them in high resolution.

  • Diia City already has 253 residents-1
  • Diia City already has 253 residents-2
  • Diia City already has 253 residents-3

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