Ukraine’s “Nude Army”: Teronlyfans raises over $710K for Ukrainian defenders

Teronlyfans is a volunteer project founded by Nasta from Belarus, together with her Ukrainian friend Nastia. The girls encourage everyone to donate to the Ukrainian army or humanitarian needs in a creative way — they send nudes for donations. The Teronlyfans project was symbolically launched on March 8, International Women’s Day, and it has already helped to raise over $710,000 to support Ukraine in the unprovoked full-scale war unleashed by Russia. 

AIN.Capital talked to Nasta about how Ukraine’s “Nude Army” and the nudes-for-donations system have been working for three months and what the results are. 

The logo of Teronlyfans project

How was the Teronlyfans started

Nasta moved to Kyiv three years ago when she received her dream job offer at the Ukrainian company WePlay Esports. The girl was on vacation when the Russians attacked Ukraine on February 24. She decided to support Ukrainians informationally, and on her popular Twitter account, she started posting about help needed: how to flee or where to donate.

Soon, Nasta was asked to help find a car in Kharkiv. The girl posted this information and got a lot of likes and shares – but still no car. Then she jokingly  promised to send nudes to those who would find the vehicle. And that appeared to be far more efficient: the car was found – the promised nudes were sent.

Next morning, Nasta got dozens of messages from people offering money for her nude pics. And her answer was the same: you donate to Ukraine — I send you the photos. Her tweets about these cases quickly gained popularity, and this way, she and her friend Nastia, raised almost $7,000 within the first day.

Yesterday @RG_Simple and I rofled and sent nudes as a joke in exchange for donations for the Ukrainian army and volunteers. We collected more than 200,000 UAH. Today, it is March 8. The best present for two female refugees from Ukraine would be the change of your receipts of the donations for those nudes. Teronlyfans wishes you good night, donate to the army.

On March 8, the Teronlyfans project was born on Twitter under the hashtag #Теронліфанс.

People on Twitter just became interested in this idea. In two weeks, the Teronlyfans community has already connected 15 participants. As of now, 50 girls and guys accept receipts for donations and send photos themselves. Ten people participate anonymously, they just gave us their nudes, saying: “Do what you want with them, just use them for the good of the country,” Nasta shares

She does not send her nudes anymore. “I am now the project manager of the brothel, she says, laughing.

How the Teronlyfans works

If you want to donate to Ukraine and get nudes for it, you can find girls by hashtag #Teronlyfans on Twitter. Here is the step-by-step guide:

  • Donate money to the Ukrainian army or humanitarian relief. You can do it with the help of any official resource listed on the Teronlyfans website. Girls also sometimes publish bank details of the trusted organizations that currently need money on the Teronlyfans Twitter account
  • Choose the girl or the guy in Teronlyfans organization whose photos you prefer to get, then send her or him a screenshot of the completed transaction via direct messages. Use hashtag #Teronlyfans to find all the participants. 
  • You will receive the photos soon. 

“None of us receives money, and no one takes a tip, even if they are even offered. Nothing has changed for these three months, and the project remained charitable,” Nasta emphasizes.

But the project began to grow rapidly and gain media popularity. If previously the Teronlyfans team worked only with large Ukrainian foundations, such as Come Back Alive or KOLO, now smaller local organizations often ask for help. Therefore, from time to time, the bank details of animal shelters and verified Territorial defenders from different Ukrainian cities appear on the Teronlyfans Twitter account.

We started checking help requests from organizations more often. Because once we posted bank details, the organization turned out to be fraudulent. So now, until we get all the evidence, we do not post anything. In most cases, we choose organizations on our own, given the priority of fundraising. Because sometimes, for example, people ask to help refugees, and we understand that there are already a lot of volunteers in the region, so we refuse. Recently, we have raised donations for Air defenders in Odesa and the animal shelter in Bucha, Nasta says.

What are the project’s future plans

According to Nasta, now the hype around the project has died down a bit. However, the audience has changed — more Europeans have become interested in Teronlyfans.

“Now there are fewer donations simply because, I would say, Ukrainians have run out of money for obvious reasons. They were our main audience. But thanks to the Telegraph podcast and The Insider’s invitation, more donations started coming in from abroad — from the British, the Dutch, and the French. So now, we would like to engage more foreigners to support Ukraine through the nudes-for-donations system,” she tells.

The Teronlyfans project intends to continue working until the victory of Ukraine in the full-scale war, Nasta underlines. After that, it will be closed.

We do not see the future of this project after the end of the war. Because what do we need to raise money for? The war will be over, and that’s it. So, as soon as someone announces that Putin is dead or that Ukraine has won, the project will be stopped immediately. And we at Teronlyfans will simply remain on good terms with all the guys and girls who took part, and will tell the children about our fight.