Ukraine to sell war bonds for crypto

ICU Financial Group, jointly with EVOL.TECH, has released UACB, a crypto token secured by war bonds.

  • UACB allows investing cryptocurrency in tokens secured by war bonds with a government guarantee of return on bonds with all the benefits of blockchain technology.
  • The first issue of crypto bonds was made small. The organizers wanted to test the degree of interest from a new category of investors in government debt and to demonstrate the potential of the new law on virtual assets.
  • UACB is settled in Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar exchange rate.
  • After the government pays off the bonds, UACB can be exchanged back into invested USDT. UACB buyout is scheduled for November 2022.

“As all settlements are made in USDT, UACB helps avoid currency risks during exchange rate fluctuations,” commented ICU Deputy Director Yevgeniya Gryshchenko.

ICU Group is an independent multi-strategy asset management private equity and investment firm specializing in emerging and frontier markets worldwide. The Group also makes venture capital and fintech investments through its venture capital arm, ICU Ventures.

EVOL.TECH is a Ukrainian tech company specializing in the creation of Neobroker and RoboAdvisor projects designed to facilitate investments in foreign securities and cryptocurrencies.