Overview of IT salaries in Polish startups: up to $7,700 per month for seniors

The Warsaw-based VC fund bValue has created a report on the Polish startup labor market and salaries of IT specialists in the startup sector in Q1 of 2022. The research is based on the data from 2,958 job offers published on Just Join IT, a Polish online service for finding IT-related jobs, from July 2021 to March 2022. AIN.Capital selected the most interesting insights. 

All salaries are given in dollars per month after taxes and fees.

  • The number of job offers for IT positions in Polish startups increased in Q1 of 2022 by 58% compared to the previous quarter. It means that the Polish startup ecosystem continues to develop intensively.
  • According to the research, the salaries offered to IT professionals at all levels of experience in startups are slightly higher than in other companies employing those specialists.
  • The median salary of IT specialists in Polish startups amounted to:
    • almost $1,700 (7,500 złotych) for juniors per month. Fifteen percent of job openings offer to programmers at this level more than $3,000 (13,000 złotych);
    • over $3,000 (14,000 złotych) for mid-level programmers. More than $4,500 (20,160 złotych) is offered for middles in 15% of all job openings;
    • more than $4,700 (21,000 złotych) for seniors. Some programmers at this level can earn over $7,700 (34,125 złotych) per month.
IT salaries in Polish startups-1
The infographics show the volume of job offers with salaries for junior, mid, and senior-level IT specialists.
Image: bValue
  • Polish startups most often are looking for programmers specializing in JavaScript. Almost every third job opening concerned this technology (28.89% of all offers). PHP is in second place (10.4%), and Java is in third place (7.77%).
  • The highest average salary is offered to programmers building a cloud architecture. Data and security specialists took second and third places on the salary scale.
  • The rarest expertise the startups require are gaming, security, and cloud architecture.
IT salaries in Polish startups-2
The infographic on the left side shows the most highly-paid skills Polish startups require.
The infographic on the right side shows the demand of each skill by the frequency of their mentioning in job openings.
Image: bValue