Let’s Enhance’s AI-image editor Claid launches next-gen API to enhance user-generated content for marketplaces

Claid.ai, an AI company that helps marketplaces improve user-generated images, has launched an end-to-end image processing platform, Claid API 2.0. Claid’s technology automatically enhances photos, removes backgrounds, aligns products on the canvas, and fixes lighting.

Claid API automatically improves user-generated pictures and brings them in line with a marketplace’s brand guidelines in just 1-2 seconds. As developers told AIN.Capital, Claid has already optimized over 100M user-generated photos for some of the biggest US companies.

Claid is a product of AI-editing startup Let’s Enhance, founded in 2018 by Sofi Shvets and Vlad Pranskevičius. The startup’s team works fully remotely with offices in San Francisco and R&D centers in CEE. Within the past year the team has tripled. The AI-editing startup crossed $1M in annual revenue and raised a $3 million Seed round to help marketplaces and Fortune500 companies scale faster with next-gen AI technology Claid.

Claid API’s capabilities

New Claid API 2.0 enables to automate editing of any number of user-generated photos, control enhancement settings by changing a few variables, and achieve a consistent and beautiful look that boosts conversions.

  • Quick integration. Intuitive API design, developer-friendly docs and simple web interface to manage and monitor API access, use Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or any public web folder for storage integrations — no coding skills required.
  • Simple and flexible. Combine operations to transform user-generated content to your standards. Use industry-specific presets for eCommerce, real estate, food, travel, printing, and other marketplaces. 
  • Made easy for teams. Create users with different sets of rights and give access to Claid’s features to different people and departments in the company, securely connect cloud storage to process images.

The launch of Claid API follows Let’s Enhance’s $3 million Seed round, announced in October 2021. With investment in AI being the core of the fundraising, the team plans to scale, continue its fundamental AI research and build new integrations. Claid API by Let’s Enhance will empower opportunities for the millions of B2B companies around the world.

Claid’s clients

Online marketplaces have little control over the quality of user-provided photos, while visuals must work double-duty to convince potential buyers. Studies show that quality user-generated images invoke more trust and outperform stock images. Finding a way to improve user-generated images is crucial for P2P platforms because higher trust inevitably leads to better engagement and more transactions.

“90% of online shoppers rely on product imagery when making a purchase decision. That’s why we are excited to launch Claid API 2.0 as it helps businesses to make the most of the users’ content. From now there is no need to invest in editors teams as ​​all catalog manipulations can be done instantly in the cloud.”

Sofiia Shvets, CEO and Co-founder of Claid & Let’s Enhance

With many customizations, Claid API is now more compatible than ever with businesses of all sizes. Companies link the API, and neural networks do all the editing — adjusting image size, colors, and background to the required parameters.

“With the rapid development of generative AI technologies, we are excited to bring them to businesses in an easy-to-integrate package. After a quick setup, Claid instantly improves the quality of imagery on any website or mobile app, which was not technically possible before.”

Vlad Pranskevičius, CTO and Co-founder of Claid & Let’s Enhance