Finnish e-commerce startup Starcart raises €1.4M

The Helsinki-based e-commerce platform developer Starcart has raised €1.4 million in a seed round of funding. Inventure led the round, with several angel investors participating, writes.

  • Founded in 2021 by Pasi Ilola, Starcart provides consumer service platform for online shopping that works like an aggregator. It automatically selects online stores where consumers can get the products they want. Thus, making the process easier, cheaper, and faster.
  • Inventure, a venture capital firm with over 70 companies in its portfolio, including Wolt, Detectify, Blueprint Genetics, investment in Swappie, and Insurello, led this seed round. Such angel investors as serial entrepreneurs Ville Vsterinen and Niko Derome, co-founder of Supercell, also backed the round.

“We want to do to online shopping what has done to travel. Few people go to the websites of hotels and airlines anymore to book trips – they use aggregators. Until now, there haven’t been any aggregators for buying physical goods,”

Startcart CEO and Founder Pasi Ilola talks about the startup.
  • Using the fresh funding, Starcart will consolidate its operations in Finland. Later next year, the company is planning to expand across Europe.