IBM acquires Databand, which has an office in Ukraine

IBM has announced the acquisition of Databand, an Israeli provider of data observability software. The company has an office in Ukraine. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, TechCrunch reports.

  • Databand employees will join IBM’s data processing and artificial intelligence department, and the acquisition will be completed on July 27.
  • According to IBM, Databand is its fifth acquisition in 2022. The company continues to bolster its hybrid cloud and AI skills and capabilities.
  • In total, IBM has acquired more than 25 companies since Arvind Krishna became CEO in the spring of 2020.

Mikhail Kashkin, who works at Databand as an engineer, says there are people from Ukraine on the team. The company is now supporting anyone who has stayed or left the country.

“The acquisition of builds on IBM’s research and development investments as well as strategic acquisitions in AI and automation. capabilities can alert data teams and engineers when the data they are using to fuel an analytics system is incomplete or missing,” IBM says on its website.

About Databand

Databand was founded in 2018 by Josh Benamram, Victor Shafran, and Eugeny Shulman. The company processes various pipeline metadata, including logs, runtime info, and data profiles, and presents it in a single platform alongside data from other sources. The goal is to give engineers a view of where bottlenecks appear and their potential causes.