Ukraine’s Headway opens an office in London

The Ukrainian EdTech startup Headway has opened an office in London. In this way, the company supports the sustainability of its business and creates additional opportunities for development in Western markets, the company’s press service reports. At the same time, Headway continues to hire Ukrainians.

  • According to the startup, the United Kingdom is the leader in Europe by volume of investment, as well as the first country in the region where the number of IT companies with a capitalization of over $1 billion has reached a hundred. Accordingly, the local presence of Headway in the capital is an additional opportunity for raising funds and developing its business.
  • Headway has an office in Warsaw and Lviv, which appeared due to the team’s evacuation. The Kyiv office has partially resumed its work. There is also an office in Nicosia and now in London. There are only 150 people in the Headway team.
  • There are currently about 20 job openings at Headway. The company plans to add 40 more by the end of July. All the positions are fully remote, with the option to visit the office. You can check out all the job openings here.
The London office of Headway. Photo provided by the company
  • Headway is an IT company that creates EdTech products that help users develop their skills through concise formats of educational content: courses, videos, games, infographics, etc. The startup’s main product is the Headway app.
  • The Headway app is an educational app that allows users to read a book in 15 minutes. It contains summaries and main ideas of 1000+ non-fiction books about business, motivation, and psychology. They are divided into categories and available in text and audio formats.
  • Over 12 million users worldwide have downloaded this app. Apple regularly tops it on its stores in 140+ countries. Last year, Headway was No. 1 worldwide by number of downloads in its category.
  • Since the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the company has not stopped hiring and has launched several social projects to support Ukraine. The team created a free collection of summaries about Russia’s crimes against Ukraine for the app audience from 140 countries with an appeal to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians. The company also developed a series of safety infographics based on official sources to help Ukrainians keep themselves and their loved ones safe during the war.