Free online course on the past and present of Crimea in English launched on Udemy

The Ukrainian Institute, together with educational studio EdEra, has launched an online course on the past and present of Crimea and Crimean Tatars, indigenous people of Ukraine, called “Crimea: History and People.” You can watch it in English on the Udemy platform. The course is free of charge. 

  • The “Crimea: History and People” course was created by scholars from Ukraine and Turkey. It consists of ten sections and 21 lectures with a 1-hour 45-minute total length.
  • During the course, you will learn more about the culture and history of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which witnessed a lot of well-known significant historical events, such as the Yalta Conference (1945).
  • The course will also provide information about the indigenous people of Crimea — the Crimean Tatars, and their long struggle for the right to return to their homeland.
  • The authors will also explain the challenges that independent Ukraine faced due to Russian policy on the peninsula, as well as the circumstances and devastating consequences of the temporary occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

“Awareness of Crimea and its history is essential for understanding historical developments in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, problems of indigenous peoples, and political, military, and ideological challenges of the modern world,”

the course description says.