Scammers use Sigma Software identity in false IT recruitment in Canada

Sigma Software Group, a Swedish-Ukrainian company, warns about the scammers that use the company’s identity to extend fake job offers to candidates across Canada.

Fake job recruiters presented themselves as employees of the Toronto-based company Sigma Software Solutions. Covering up by using Sigma Software Group’s real employees, Hanna Abdel Hamid, Head of Sigma Software Canada, and Maxim Pochebut, Chief Learning Officer, they approached candidates for positions such as front-end & back-end developers, interviewed them and sent official job offers via email.

After the candidates submitted their official documents, they were asked to contact Hanna through a fake Telegram account, where they received fake checks for up to $3,000 to purchase office equipment through a fake vendor.

At least four candidates became the victims of these scammers, Oleksandrs Govorukha, Head of International PR Sigma Software Group, said. They bought the fake equipment, the checks bounced, and they lost their money.

We understand that this situation affected many talented and innocent people. We want to let you know that the authorities were already notified. Our company agrees to cooperate with the official investigation to provide all necessary information that could reveal the truth, find the scammers and restore justice,

Sigma Software Group comments.

The company emphasizes that it interviews candidates via Microsoft Teams or Zoom and never over the phone or Telegram.

About Sigma Software Group

Sigma Software has offices in Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, the USA, Canada, and Australia. It develops solutions for its customers in the telecommunications, aviation, advertising, gaming, banking, real estate, and healthcare industries. The company works with startups, product companies, and the enterprise segment.

Since 2006, it has been operating as part of the Sigma Group, the largest group of companies in Scandinavia offering various IT-engineering services.