War in Ukraine / July 15-17

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Day 145: Russia’s losses are at least 50,000 soldiers

The General Staff of Ukraine gives figures on the number of killed Russian soldiers every day. At the time of publication of the material, more than 38,000 soldiers were killed. According to approximate estimates, about 70-80 thousand people are injured. In general, Ukraine is talking about more than a hundred thousand people who are no longer participating in the war.

The problem with Ukrainian calculations is that other countries do not fully recognize them and do not rely on them. Military experts point out that they may be overstated or not entirely accurate. Russia generally talks about 10 times less losses among personnel. Therefore, the international community focuses on the figures provided by the American or British special services. Today, Britain shared its intelligence.

According to the United Kingdom, Russia has lost more than 50,000 soldiers wounded and killed since the beginning of the war. This is about a third of the Russian army that was preparing to attack Ukraine in February 2022. In addition, 1,700 tanks and 4,000 armored vehicles were lost. Back in April, British and American special services talked about the loss of 15,000 to 25,000 Russian troops.

The extent to which this information is true is also unknown. At the beginning of the war, there were figures of 140,000 to 190,000 soldiers of the Russian army on the Ukrainian borders. After that, there were repeated reports of covert mobilization, involvement of mercenaries and involvement of residents of the so-called LPR and DPR in the war. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the loss of a third or some other number of troops. But what is known is a great lack of infantry in the Russian army: there are not enough people for a powerful offensive, experts say.

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Airstrike, missile and MRL damage

Kharkiv region:

  • The shelling of the territory of a private residential building in the Chuhuiv district.
  • Artillery shelling of the territory of the village, 2 houses were damaged, 2 2 outbuildings and a car were destroyed. Also, the power grid was damaged.
  • 2 missiles hit the building of an educational institution in the Kholodnohirskyi district. As a result of the explosion, the facade of the building was damaged, windows were shattered, tram tracks opposite the educational building were destroyed. Another missile attack hit a courtyard near a school in the Industrialny district. The blast wave partially damaged the building.
  • Russian troops carried out an air strike on Verkhnii Saltov, Kharkiv was shelled from cannon and rocket artillery. Stara Hnylytsia, Ruska Lozova, Ukraiinka, Ruski Tyshky, Peremoha, Mykilske, Slatyne, Zolochiv, Krynychne, Chapel, Novomykolayivka, Nova Dmytrivka, Dibrovne were shelled as well.
  • Russian troops launched 4 missiles on a residential building, a school and administrative buildings, craters up to 14.5 m were formed. 3 dead and 3 wounded were found under the rubble of a two-story residential building.
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Sumy region:

  • After 04:00 Russian troops fired 10 rounds of machine guns and fired 5 grenade shots at the territory of the Seredyna-Buda community, at 04:30 2 mortar shots were fired.
  • Russian troops fired on a psycho-neurological institution.
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Zaporizhzhya region:

  • During the day, 13 cases of destruction in the region as a result of shelling by the Russian army were recorded. Novoyakivlivka, Yurkivka, Tavriiske were fired upon by Russian troops.
  • As a result of the shelling, a wooden household building caught fire.
  • As a result of the shelling, a medium-pressure gas pipeline was damaged.
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Mykolaiv region:

  • The Russian army fired at least 10 missiles at the city. 2 largest universities of the city were destroyed: the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, which was hit by 5 missiles, and the Sukhomlynskyi Mykolaiv National University. 4 people were injured.
  • Due to the hit of ammunition and debris, a fire broke out in a car hangar with trucks at one of the city’s enterprises. Also, because of the shelling, a fire broke out in a one-story building with production workshops with an area of 100 square meters. m. As a result of the hit of ammunition and debris, dry grass caught fire in the Central District of the city.
  • During the day, shelling of the Limany and Ukrainka villages of the Halytsynove community was recorded. Shelling hit mainly open areas. Shelling of villages along the demarcation line in the Bereznehuvate community continues.

At the end of the day, 14 people were injured in the region.

Odessa region:

  • Russian troops attacked the region with 3 missiles, one of them was shot down by air defense. There were no casualties as a result of the shelling.
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Cherkasy region:

  • At 15:20, Russian Tu-95MS fired 6 X-101(X-555) missiles from the Caspian Sea, 4 missiles at ~16:30 were shot down by air defense over the Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovs’k regions. 2 missiles hit an agricultural enterprise, a fire broke out on an area of 1000 sq.m, the household building was destroyed, equipment was damaged, there were dead animals, power lines were damaged as well.
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Kyiv region:

  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a missile, the debris fell into the field.
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Chernihiv region:

  • The territory of the Semenivka community was shelled three times, in total 7 explosions of 120 mm caliber mortar shells were recorded.
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Donetsk region:

  • Russian forces attacked the city early in the morning, they hit the courtyard of a 5-storey residential building. 1 person was injured.
  • Russian troops shelled Avdiivka, Kostyantynivka, Hirnyk, Slovyansk, Krasnohorivka, the villages of Zoloti Prudy, Verkhnyokamyanske, Ostrivske, Novomarkove, and Yahidne.

54 civilian facilities were destroyed: 36 residential buildings, including 11 apartment buildings, a school, a stadium, a coke plant, a market, and a store. The central square of one of the towns, power lines, a water station, and 2 fields were damaged.

According to the head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, 2 people died in Krasnohorivka, 1 each in Slovyansk, Avdiivka, Zakotne, Hirnyk and Ostrovske. Another 6 civilians were injured.

  • Russian troops shelled the city with high-explosive fragmentation shells. 7 residential buildings, the television studio of the state enterprise “Multimedia Platform for Foreign Broadcasting of Ukraine”, and the Myru Square were damaged.
  • According to preliminary information, Russian troops fired 1 missile at the market and another 2 at a residential area. They destroyed trade pavilions, a store, a shock wave knocked out windows in the 5-storey building nearby. 7 people were injured.
  • The Russian army hit the town twice with Iskander-M missiles. At least 27 houses were damaged, as well as the former building of the community center. 1 person was killed, 2 were injured (1, 2).
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Dnipropetrovsk region:

  • As a result of the shelling, a field on an area of 4.9 hectares caught fire
  • 53 shells were fired at the town. 12 five-story houses, 13 single-family houses, a vocational school building, a medical institution, an industrial enterprise, and a water supply system were damaged. 1 woman received shrapnel wounds.
  • As a result of the shelling, a hayloft near a residential house caught fire.
  • The community was shelled.
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