Lithuanian influencer marketing automation tool Agenic raises €120k

Agenic, a Lithuanian developer of the influencer marketing campaign automation tool, has raised a €120,000 investment from an angel investor, Startup Lithuania reports.

  • Headquartered in Vilnius, Agenic develops a platform for influencer marketing campaign automation. The company’s goal is to turn influencer marketing into something more down-to-earth, easily controlled, and stable.
  • The platform helps companies launch advertisement campaigns and automatically connects them with content creators matching their values. It also provides campaign management tools, as well as analytics and potential results for brands. Besides, influencers get more control over who they work with and access to metrics reports.
  • According to Agenic, it is more cost and time efficient than hiring a marketing agency to do the job. Its data-driven solutions allow reducing manual and administrative work by up to 80%, which cuts costs by up to 20 times.

“Those already working with us can expect a new and unique functionality on our platform to be launched very soon. It will provide new opportunities for businesses to guide existing digital audiences into conversions and collect Zero Party Data from social media networks,”

Agenic CEO and Co-Founder, Tomas Vasiliauskas, talks about future plans.
  • Using the funding of the unnamed angel investor, Agenic will start delivering the product to customers on the waitlist. The team will also continue expanding the functionality of the platform.