Finnish agritech startup Arctic Farming raises €150k seed

The Espoo-based agritech startup Arctic Farming has raised €150,000 in a seed round to get its vertical farming technology to the market. The startup will be able to produce fresh herbs and leafy greens anywhere at any time, significantly reducing global food waste, ArcticStartup writes.

  • Founded in 2019, Arctic Farming aims to solve problems like disruptions in the global food supply chains, as well as the overuse of fresh water, fertilizers, and pesticides in agriculture worldwide. The startup has designed a disruptive vertical farming technology that enables food service and HoReCA operators to grow their own fresh vegetables, greens, and berries.
  • Arctic Farming provides its own Farming-as-a-Service software solution and fully automated farming walls to make the process of growing food indoors much commoner.

“This new round of financing will enable us to deliver the first automated farming units to our customers in the Helsinki region while simultaneously developing our extensive in-house tech stack in preparation for international expansion,”

Arctic Farming CEO Oliver Rotko comments on the investment.
  • Arctic Farming will use the fresh funds to attract more customers and validate its technology by working with award-winning restaurants in the Helsinki region.