Lithuania, Poland, Norway, and Canada: fundraising campaign to buy Bayraktar for Ukraine

Partner countries and people from all over the world continue strongly support Ukraine in the unprovoked war started by Russia. One of the examples of solidarity is the nationwide fundraising campaigns to buy Bayraktar TB2 drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces that different countries are launching.

Lithuania has raised almost €6 million, Poland — $3.7 million, and the campaign is still ongoing. Following these countries, Norway and Canada joined the Bayraktar for Ukraine flashmob and supported the initiative of collecting funds to purchase drones. 

AIN.Capital shares the details of those unprecedented crowdfunding initiatives.

Lithuania raised about €6 million in three days

In May, Lithuanian journalist and social media personality Andrius Tapinas launched a nationwide fundraising campaign to buy a Bayraktar TB2 military drone for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tagged #bayraktarasUkrainai, the campaign aimed to raise €5 million in three weeks. Lithuanians collected about €6 million within three days. After that, the Turkish manufacturer Baykar said it was touched by the solidarity of the Lithuanians and donated a drone. On July 8, a crowdfunded Bayraktar drone arrived in Ukraine.

The Ukrainians donated $20.7 million in three days

Inspired by the Lithuanian example, Ukrainian showman, volunteer, and founder of one of the largest charitable foundations in the country, Serhiy Prytula, announced a crowdfunding campaign to buy three Bayraktar drones for Ukraine. The plan was to raise approximately $17 million (500 million hryvnias) in seven days. However, the Ukrainians collected $20.7 million (600 million hryvnias) within three days. The Baykar response on Twitter was quick:

Baykar will not accept payment for the TB2s and will send 3 UAVs free of charge to the Ukrainian war front. We ask that raised funds be remitted instead to the struggling people of Ukraine. We are touched by this solidarity and resolve in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges,

the company said.

Bayraktar fundraising campaign in Poland is ongoing. $3.7 million are collected

At the end of June, Poles decided to join the Bayraktar TB2 for Ukraine flashmob. Polish journalist Slawomir Serakowski announced a fundraiser on his Facebook.

The Lithuanians immediately raised funds, and the company that produces Bayraktar decided to donate one to Ukraine and use the money to help the population. Later the same thing happened with the next three! Now itʼs our turn,

he wrote.

Their goal is $5 million (22.5 million zł). As of July 19, they have already raised $3.7 million.

Now Norway and Canada joined the Bayraktar for Ukraine initiative

Following Poland and Lithuania, Norway supported the initiative of collecting funds to purchase Bayraktar TB2 for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Lithuania collected 1 Bayraktar in three days, Poland collected 3 Bayraktars, and Ukraine collected 3 Bayraktars in a few days. Of course, Norway must do the same — at least! And we must beat the Swedes!

The organizers wrote about its decision to launch a nationwide crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign started on July 18. About $5.5 million (55 million Norwegian Krones) are planned to be collected and transferred to the aid fund at the Ukrainian Embassy. Over $12,700 have already been raised within a day.

On July 19, Canada announced a collection of funds for the Turkish strike drone for the Ukrainian Army. The fundraising campaign was started by Ukrainian-Canadian volunteers from the UAHelp organization. The country plans to raise about $5.5 million (7 million Canadian dollars) to buy Bayraktar as a present for Ukraine’s Independence Day on August 24. Almost $10,000 has been raised so far.

The only question that arises is: what country will join Bayraktar for Ukraine next?