Blockchain development company EvaCodes raises $500k from Hypra

EvaCodes, a full-stack blockchain development agency focused on providing blockchain development services and building Web3 products, raises a $500,000 round from the Web3-oriented hypra fund, as reported to AIN.Capital.

  • Founded in 2019 by two serial entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts, Yehor Havrylenko and Vitalii Basiuk, EvaCodes provides Web3 development services for startups and enterprises.
  • The company’s services include providing the development of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, tokens and tokenomics, dApps, DeFi and fintech products, digital banking products, NFT marketplaces, real estate blockchain platforms, crypto trading bots, and other products related to the blockchain industry.
  • EvaCodes is headquartered in the USA and has development centers across Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, and Armenia. Over the last year, the company has developed and launched more than 50 projects.

“We plan to use the money from the investment round to expand our business and attract new blockchain engineers and grow our client portfolio. Over the next 3-5 years, EvaCodes plans to launch its own products and startups using blockchain technology. One of those planned is Dating-to-Earn – an NFT Tinder. More announcements will be made soon,”

Yehor Havrylenko, CEO at EvaCodes, comments on the investment.
  • is a $25 million Web3-oriented joint venture fund, investing in and building projects together with founders. It was launched in March 2022 by Ukrainian investor Igor Pertsiya (ex-TAventures and and IT entrepreneur Dmitry Volkonsky (TRIONIKA). 
  • Besides investments, the venture fund offers ready-to-work blockchain development teams, helps companies reach a new level in operational processes, select an effective team, find the best tools for growth, and raises funding rounds.