Ukraine’s Liki24 launches in Italy

The Ukrainian service Liki24 spreads geographically and continues to expand to European countries. Italy has become a new market where the service for finding and delivering health and beauty products has been launched, as the company reported to AIN.Capital.

  • The website was launched in Italy as the first step to bringing all the services of Liki24 to the market.
  • On the website, you can find high-quality medicines at the best price and quickly arrange delivery.
  • The service receives information from many pharmacies, which allows real-time updating of the product range and prices on the site. 
  • Currently, the site allows you to place an order and arrange delivery by mail throughout the country. Later, after the end of the test period, it will also be possible to arrange fast courier delivery of goods in all big cities of Italy.

Ukrainians will also be able to use the online service soon – order medicines for relatives living in Italy or those who moved to this country due to the war. Using the website, you will be able to order the necessary medicines from Ukraine with the delivery to the specified address in Italy.

Currently, the standard delivery cost is €4.49. If the order price is more than €25, medicines and related products will be delivered free of charge.

AIN.Capital journalist asked Liki24 how and why the company chose Italy. Taras Potichnyi, Vice President of Expansion at Liki24, said that the startup primarily focused on the countries of Western Europe, so they chose Italy. The team analyzed many macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators, including those connected with medicine and electronic medicine.

Also, the choice largely depended on the country’s legislation allowing medical e-commerce. Another critical factor was the existence of an e-medicine field at all — for example, the availability of e-prescriptions. Not all European countries have them.

According to Potichny, given the combination of many factors, the list of 5-6 countries emereged. Later, they formed a shortlist (2-3 countries). Italy was the first on the final list.

“We are growing very fast, even faster than expected. We are expanding our geography and are not going to stop there. The pharmaceutical market, especially in Europe, is very conservative and has long opposed any new technologies. Nevertheless, the possibility to quickly get high-quality and inexpensive medicines is always relevant, and modern IT technologies allow automating all processes. Today, we are entering the Italian market, which we consider very promising,” comments Taras Potichnyi, Vice President of Expansion at