Best Ukrainian movies are now collected on the one platform in English —

If you’ve been interested in watching some of the best Ukrainian movies but couldn’t find a way to do it legally, it’s now much easier thanks to the platform, launched on August 3. It features more than 600 Ukrainian movies, both modern and archival, with links to legal viewing in your country.


The platform was launched by the Irish company usheru in collaboration with the Ukrainian Institute, which is a culture-oriented institution under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Their purpose is to popularize Ukrainian movies worldwide, present them more widely to international audiences, and support Ukrainian filmmakers and distributors during the unprovoked full-scale war.

“The war in Ukraine has affected all spheres of Ukrainian life, including the film industry. Our team would like to help a little, so we have joined the website development to promote the Ukrainian creative field on the world stage. By watching Ukrainian films, viewers around the world can honor Ukrainian culture and support film professionals. Watching films has never been more meaningful!”

said Oliver Fegan, co-founder and CEO at Usheru.

How to watch movies with

The website finds resources where you can legally watch a selected movie from your country. Users are offered to watch in cinemas in different countries and cities if the film is being actively screened there or online if it is available on VOD platforms of the country.

To start using the platform, all you have to do is

  • go to,
  • choose the movie from the catalog,
  • select your country in the menu if it wasn’t auto-selected or selected incorrectly (or just chose ‘Ukraine’ and watch it on the Ukrainian legal streaming services to support them),
  • click on the legal resource you’d like to continue with,
  • make a payment and start watching.

On, you can watch trailers for free in English or with subtitles.

The site is currently in test mode, so if something goes wrong, please don’t get frustrated — just try again later.

Previously, we collected ten Ukrainian movies that you can watch in English to learn more about the long history of Russian aggression. You can start legally watching each of them right from the article, just follow the links provided.