Estonian Web3 startup Cookie3 raises $2.5M

The Tallinn-based Web3 startup Cookie3 has raised $2.5 million in seed and strategic rounds led by Spartan Group. The startup is working on the first-ever ads targeting tool in the Metaverse, Yahoo! Finance informs.

  • Founded by 2021 by Filip Wielanier and Wojtek Piechocinski, Cookie3 is building a data engine interpreting NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on different chains with one common purpose — to understand the behaviour profiles of Web3 users.
  • The startup provides B2B services, allowing for ads targeting in the Metaverse, content personalization for dApps, customer insights dashboard, and behavioural scoring of investors. This can become a comprehensive tool for launchpads, airdrops, and NFT mints.

“We started designing and building our privacy-first, on-chain behavioural analytics solutions back in mid-2021. That led to the first strategic partnerships and platform integrations. Since then we haven’t stopped building and delivering,”

Wojtek Piechocinski, Cookie3 co-founder and CTO, talks about the startup.
  • Spartan Group, Asia’s leading crypto venture fund, led the $2.5 million seed round. Hartmann Capital, a US-based fund investing in Web3, and Big Brain Holdings, an investor in Solana blockchain projects, participated in the round.
  • Among other investors that joined are LD Capital, Orange DAO, Jsquare, Block54, Damo Labs, Master Ventures, and Gravity Team. Cookie3 is also expanding its portfolio of strategic partnerships. The network already includes projects such as Adshares, Forward Protocol, Hypersign, Synapse Network, and Zetly.
  • The funding will allow Cookie3 to focus on providing B2B services and further develop its technology.