Lithuanian company CyberCare to enter Ukrainian market

CyberCare, a Lithuanian company providing customer services in the cyber security field, will open a new office in Lviv, DOU reports. The company initially plans to hire up to ten specialists and widen its Ukrainian team by 100 people by the end of the year.

  • CyberCare is part of Tesonet. It helps tech companies provide customer support by adding a human touch mixed with a splash of innovative solutions. The company, in particular, develops tools such as chatbots to help communicate with customers.
  • CyberCare is based in Vilnius with an additional office in Kaunas. The company employs up to 420 people and serves clients in more than 170 countries.
  • The new office in Lviv will become the third support hub of CyberCare. The company plans to hire support specialists first, with developers and programmers to be hired later, as needed.
  • The location was chosen for a reason. The company wanted to support Ukraine, which suffers from the unprovoked war started by Russia, and its people “who are also fighting for our freedom.” CyberCare believes that the employment of people in the war zone contributes to the economy of Ukraine.
  • But the main reason is that there are many competent young specialists in Lviv whose expertise is quite relevant for CyberCare, said CEO Dainius Vanagas.