Ukraine’s Obimy hit the top spot on the US App Store

In August 2022, the Ukrainian Obimy topped the list of the most popular applications on the US App Store in the Lifestyle section, representatives of the application team told AIN.Capital. Obimy helps its users share pleasant gestures, touches, and moods with others.

  • The representatives of Obimy noted that they managed to get to first place in the rankings after the update that was released at the end of July 2022.
  • The team has redesigned the design system from the ground up, and “sharing senses” has become easier: from opening the app to “touching,” users need to make just two clicks.
  • They also added more animations, actions, and the ability to create their own meanings and describe the feelings.
  • The US audience liked it, and, just one week later, the Ukrainian app Obimy became No. 1 in the Lifestyle category, surpassing Tinder, Pinterest, and Netflix, the team says.

“If people used to send an average of two actions per ‘session,’ in August, it was five. And that figure is growing. Every day our users send about four million senses,” commented Obimy.

As of August 5, 2022, Obimy has 6.5 million downloads and an average DAU of 500,000.

Image: Obimy

About Obimy

  • Obimy is a Ukrainian app that was launched in 2020 by architect Zhenya Zasutskyi and IT company Empat.
  • Before February 24, 2022, obimy had roughly 20,000 active users. During the five months of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the app’s audience skyrocketed to more than five million. Read more detailed story about this impressive result here: