Ukraine to build Bayraktar production plant

The Turkish company Baykar will build a plant to produce Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine, as reported by Babel, citing the words of the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar.

  • At the beginning of August 2022, Baykar founded a company in Ukraine and acquired a plot of land for the plant construction.
  • According to the ambassador, the government has already approved the bilateral agreement on the construction and sent it for ratification to the parliament.
  • Furthermore, Baykar has already developed a project for the plant.
Image: АрміяInform

It is planned to involve Ukrainian manufacturers of engines, wheels, and spare parts in Bayraktar’s production in Ukraine.

“A large part of the models produced at this plant will have Ukrainian-made components. It can be engines, other spare parts, wheels, a lot of different high-tech things that we have and can use for these UAVs,” the ambassador added.